Roberta coming to Tokyo!

Photographer Roberta Bayley will coming to Japan!

The first time she came to Japan was back in 2006 when the world famous agnes b. had the photo exhibition tour Bande a part that went around the world. Exhibit and its catalogue were full of photos from 60-80s New York downtown cultural scene and underground music scene; Roberta was one of the selected photographers and curators for the show which toured Paris, LA, Tokyo, Hong Kong and back in their home town NYC.
However tour came to Tokyo as a huge group of people, so she did not have much freedom for regular tourism.

And then she came back to Tokyo in 2010 for the second time, this time by herself for the promotion. During her short stay, she managed to visit her collaborators of her licensing merchandise, appeared in the live event Invasion of the PUNK Magazine Vol. 2 as the main guest, and also made a guest appearance on the radio show. Once again too busy to see anything.

So this time, more time for the sight seeing, and aiming for the perfect timing for the Cherry blossom, she carefully planned her trip to Tokyo, late March to beginning of April.
Besides the famous Cherry blossom along the Sumida river, she is looking forward to many things; she is especially intrigued by the Japanese incense ceremony, booked for the experience.

And fans can meet her in person; a slide show has been scheduled on Sunday April 7th at the Rude Gallery Shibuya, where she would talk about her photographs of 70s New York downtown music scene:


And Naozumi Mashiko of the band Dohatsuten will be joining at the show as well!
This is once in a life time, unique occasion; come and meet her!